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Customer Reviews for An Officer and a Gentleman

25 Customer reviews


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It'll lift you up!

Chrissy Metz from Detroit
7th February 2022

What a feel good story, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be surprised at how it's changed to an updated story of social justice.

My God the muscles!

Gloria Andrews from Charlotte, NC
7th February 2022

Go for the nostalgia stay for the drill Sargent. Wow. That voice! The female lead Paula was remarkable too.


Laura Israel from Thousand oaks, CA
20th November 2021

LIVE FOR BROADWAY! This show was amazing. Muscles everywhere! The Drill Sgt.s voice is commanding and powerful! Only way this little show gets to Broadway is that deep resonating talented Drill Sgt.

Wonderful escape

Sandra Rodriguez from Tempe, Arizona
20th February 2022

Like everything there are +and -. But really glad to see live performance again! Lead characters were strong although range of Zac was not quite there, and what was that dolphin dance about? Paula was a talented a she was beautiful and played a sincere role. Lou Gossett role was well played by casting. Strong presence, foreboding character with the soft center we were all waiting for. Big shoes to fill, and by the 2nd act the shoes were overflowing. Bravo Mr. Wayne. Overall, a good production.

Corny yet entertaining

G. Leighton from Newport, Rhode Island
20th February 2022

80s wigs needed a good brush. Most voices were up to par although young male lead was weak when we needed a strong belt. Sargeant was phenomenal, my father felt like he was back at Paris Island. He really seemed to command the stage, all eyes on him or else! The young lady who couldn't get over the wall was a good choice. Great voice and smaller than average for a lead role so it was believable. But I don't think she could make it to Broadway.

It never pulled me in

Ann R from Boca Raton, Florida
8th May 2022

I think the writer missed the mark. The show left me flat. It seemed disjointed without a comfortable flow. And why did Zach get carried around the stage doing the bicycle and swimming? Worse was the disco dancers during the battle simulation scene. How incongruous. Not the actors fault, it’s all on the writers. Very disappointed.